This program aims to reduce the number of homeless cats in the DC area. We catch animals in a humane way, spay or neuter them, and then find them a loving family. If we can not adopt the cat, we then place them in a no-kill shelter. This service drastically decreases the number of stray cats birthing homeless kittens.

We bring pet food to families who can’t afford it, or don’t have the resources to pick it up. This program aims to assist seniors, disabled individuals and anyone else experiencing complications with feeding their animals. Email us if you would benefit from or would like to volunteer for this program.

We spay/neuter qualifying animals for free. Discounted options are available. Spaying and neutering pets is the single most important action we as animal lovers can take to reduce the amount of pets without homes. If you wish for your pet to engage in this service please contact us

We bring cats and dogs to individuals, who are unable to reach shelters or pet centers, as a therapy method. Studies have shown that humans who interact with animals tend to have lower blood pressure, reduced anxiety and other health benefits. Plus, we travel to you! Email us if you feel we can help you or a loved one.

This program provides temporary shelter for animals waiting to be adopted into permanent homes. If you are willing to be a foster parent or want to adopt a pet please click here to learn more and fill out our adoption request form. 

This program aims to bring an end to the outdated and inhumane method of dissecting animals for classroom research. Through education, we aim to express the irrelevance of this method due to the prevalence of modern technology. The majority of our educational seminars are directed at high schools and their respective science classes, hoping to encourage all students to say no to dissection.

We provide bullet proof vests for police dogs and military K-9 units. These dogs are heroes and it is our mission to protect them.

This educational kids program makes learning about animals fun! We aim to convert childhood fears and uncertainties about animals into a deep love and respect for them.

We appreciate all animal lovers and would like to thank you in advance for your support. If you are able to assist in the functioning of any of these programs or simply feel a deep connection to them, please send us an email to get involved.